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Real Estate Development & Sales


The best opportunities to invest in Real Estate is our priority. We scrutinize for our Customers the best opportunities to invest in Real Estate. We preliminarily studied and established the potential for development and transformation of the properties. 

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Participation in Projects, Business Management & Services

We offer our Customers opportunities to invest in Real Estate equity participation, involvement in entrepreneurial initiatives related to the world of Real Estate, Property Management and Services.

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Real Estate Activities & Events

For our Customers we organize events, and the enhancement of the functional activities, and, aimed at the creation, or, increase of rent of Real Estate.


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Investor Services


Owner Services


Company Services

Home Improvement Services


Home Staging

How long should I wait before making the sale of your property with no guarantee that the time will aid in achieving the result? ... Meanwhile, the fixed costs of maintaining the property burden on your shoulders!

Would you like to speed up the sale whitout devaluing the property, while minimizing the time and costs?

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Wall Decoration

The multiple and varied artistic production of Camaiti also includes a wide range of wall decorations inside the numerous palaces, villas and stately homes of the Valtiberina territory ...

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 Ut sementem feceris, ita metes. (M. T. Cicero)


Top properties

This property is composed of a village with nine farmhouses and other unification of three farmhouses completing the village, and located in 276 hectares of land. In this area it’s possible to hunt. In summer it’s possible to organise gun dog training with an area of 100 hectares.
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Beautiful XVI century villa with 3 other apartments and sqm400 of cellar, storage, barn etc. It is surrounded by 5,5 hectars of land (wine yard and olive groves). The main villa has a basement apartment for the concierge with bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Ideal for a b&b. Furtniture...
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This residential property is located in Grezzano di Borgo San Lorenzo.
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