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Owner Services

  • Expert Advice
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuation
  • Real Estate Management
  • The Planning & Supervision of the works
  • Legal Aid
  • Actions for the Protection of Property and Boundaries
  • Financial Planning of Investments
  • Assignment, Contract Management & Work's Accounting

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Expert Advice

Through the capability and experience of our professional team, we guide our customers to develop and maximize incomes, and the potential of their Real Estate.

We offer the services of expert advice (technical, commercial, legal and financial skills) in all aspects of Real Estate.


Due Diligence

We accomplish Real Estate Due Diligence review, consistent in technical analysis of their condition; including valuation of the preservation and maintenance status, the study of prior authorization act, inspection of sanitation and hygiene, construction, urban planning, plant design, and assessed valuation of property.

A Due Diligence review is aimed to give our clients a wider framework of a situation of their future estate, and it's an efficient tool to plan the restorative measures according to the law, in order to conform this Real Estate to conclusion under the current regulations.

The Due Diligence review could be considered by estimation experts, applicable to quantification of the costs, which is necessary to renovate an estate, or achieve compliance.



Taking advantage of consolidated experience of our team, we provide the expert estimate of Real Estate, belonging to the private owners, Companies or Entities, aimed at obtaining finance, loans and mortgages, as appropriate; to preparation of financial statements, for sale or lease; to stipulation insurance, to compensation of damages and of other possible uses.


Real Estate Management

We provide to manage the Real Estate assets of our customer in an all-encompassing and efficient manner.

We take care of the maintenance organization, administration and economic management, promoting and monitoring economic activities, and maximizing of incomes.


The Planning & Supervision of the works

Taking advantage of our rich experienced team of Advisors, we plan and supervise works for our customers (architectural, urban, structural and geotechnical planning).


Legal Aid

We guarantee the constant assistance of a legal support in the management of Real Estate, and legislative procedures related to it; e.g., management of purchase agreement, lease, mortgage, loan, procurement procedures. We also guarantee solution of questions related to the urban prescription, constraints, permits, authorizations, licenses, expropriations and Environmental Law in general.

Where necessary, the Company guarantees the protections required in the out-of court resolution of litigation.


Actions for the Protection of Property and Boundaries

Petitory Actions, Possessory Actions, Actions of Revendication, Actio Negatoria, Actions of Settlement Boundaries and Affixing Seal.

Supervision and verification in respect of any infringement of the distances, during a building works, carried out by neighbours.

Supervision, verification and monitoring of property boundaries, also by the use of drones.


Financial Planning of Investments

Thanks to our Advisors team, we plan the cost of the urban, plant, and the building works, needed to maintain, improve and develop Real Estate assets of our Customers.

We take great care of all stages in this process, from funding research with the best terms of rating, to amortization and budget planning.


Assignment, Contract Management & Work's Accounting

On behalf of our Customers, we select the contract company, we control and edit the tender specifications, we organize a auction between private parties to assign a execution of the works.

We manage and monitor the spending, and the progress of works on a construction site, by means of edit metrical reckonings, and accounting of work in progress.


Home Improvement Services





Wall Decoration

The multiple and varied artistic production of Camaiti also includes a wide range of wall decorations inside the numerous palaces, villas and stately homes of the Valtiberina territory ...

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