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Region: Toscana Province: Arezzo Town: Sansepolcro

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Price: da 200.001€ a 500.000€Virtual Tour Code: UnavailablePrice: € 340000,00Sqm interior: 210Rooms: 3Bathrooms: 2
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In the Old Town of Sansepolcro the agency sells an apartment restore according to criteria of modern comfort. It is a heaven-earth. At the ground floor there is a living room with laundry, on the first floor, lounge, kitchen and bathroom with shower, on the second floor there are two double bedrooms, a single bedroom and the bathroom. Finally on the third floor attic there is a study and a large terrace of 25 square meters with barbecue and sink. The house has undergone a complete renovation in 2005 whitch consisted in the restoration of the facade, the consolidation of all floors preserving the aesthetics of the same, with sandblasting treatment and protection of elements made of wood and brick, the renovation of the waterproofing roofs, terraces and balconies, all internal and external flooring, plaster and all systems. All interior floors are made of resin including the bathroom and toilet, external ones in stone and reassembled stone. The hydraulic system was built from scratch by installing groups of recessed taps, shower with external structure in chromed steel, there is also installed water softener for the treatment of public water, bathrooms are equipped with sanitary design, in the main bathroom there is a free standing bathtub. The heating system has been built from scratch by installing remote-controlled home automation termovalvole temperatures all environments separately managed, from Smartphones or PC; all the radiating bodies are of industrial inspiration. In the two rooms facing the inner courtyard it is installed an air conditioning system of ducted type. The electric system automation was built from scratch with installation of control panels on each floor. The burglar alarm / intrusion controls all the openings of the façade and is operated by telecontrol or home automation remote control from Smartphones or PC.

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