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Farmhouse on the hills of Anghiari

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Region: Toscana Province: Arezzo Town: Anghiari

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On theTuscan hills, just a few kilometers from the historic center of Anghiari, surrounded by lush green forests, but at the same time not isolated, there is the Casale Meraviglia. The estate stretches for about 7 hectares, one of which is an olive grove, 500 square meters are occupied by vineyards, whose vine is native and certified by the University of Florence. Though you find yourself in an indisputable oasis of peace you can easily reach it through a mixture of asphalted road and white road, perfectly practicable. The farmhouse has undergone various interventions and extensions over time, but the historicity of the site remains firmly up to some unmistakable architectural features such as the stone exterior, the secular well, the turret, the ancient stone staircases, the masonry facade with an original exposed face, but also to the ancient drywall that outlines the walkway (probably an old link between the manor house and the peasant houses), to the original Tuscan red paint that appears beneath the plaster. The farmhouse is structurally in excellent condition and extends over 3 floors for a total area of​almost 400 square meters. Inside it is divided into 19 rooms, with a large terrace (about 20 sqm) exposed to the south, and two other rectangular terraces on the east and west sides. The property is very interesting because in addition to the farmhouse mentioned above, it also includes two stone annexes (one of 130 sqm and the other of about 80 sqm), both on two floors, which retain all the original features of traditional Tuscan architecture, with wooden beams, stone fireplaces and also a stone oven. Nearby the farmhouse, near the beautiful vineyard, there is also a very useful shed / storage room of approximately 260 sqm.

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