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Virtual Tour By Matterport

Repocor is Matterport Service Partner and offers to its clients the Virtual tour 3D service by making three-dimensional high quality models thanks to the Matterport’s technology for the “high definition virtual realty”. The Matterport service is an extremely useful tool for the real estate industry and not just for it. We offer the service also to the following sectors: construction – retail – on-line selling – insurance – investigation – boating – public venues.  Matterport it is also a perfect way to promote art galleries or expositions or historical buildings. It is an instrument for completing technical reports and setting virtual reconstructions. Matterport, in general, is an excellent tool for making advertisement on Internet!



Matterport brings listening to Life!


Virtual tour 3D example model! Click here to visit this model !!!

Vision this other example of Virtual Tour 3D, click here !

Or this other example, click here !

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Virtual tour by video clip

On Customer request, our Agent can accomplish the visit of a property making videos, also based on the indication previously arranged with Customer, which will be sent at a later stage.

We are able to provide this service in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian.

On behalf of our Customers, we realize the virtual tour of real estate, in which we are authorized to access, to film, and, distribution of pictures. We can also prepare a virtual tour of a own properties, if owners wish to verify condition of certain things and maintenance, or monitoring the works in progress.




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Wall Decoration

The multiple and varied artistic production of Camaiti also includes a wide range of wall decorations inside the numerous palaces, villas and stately homes of the Valtiberina territory ...

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 Ut sementem feceris, ita metes. (M. T. Cicero)


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This prestigious property is set in the Comune of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Florence province. It consists of a villa padronale surrounded by a big garden of approx. 1ha, a casa colonica, a small guesthouse, a swimming pool and a shed for agricultural equipment. The garden is surrounded...
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